Even the most successful businesses never settle.

What is the next frontier for your business?

Kindling Business Transformation


Firemkr is an advisory practice founded to help businesses evolve, change or transform for long term success and advancement.

Firemkr is built upon decades of marketing and agency business service experience across start-ups, private, private-equity backed and public companies in USA, Canada, UK and Europe 

Our Services


Develop and implement a new plan for your enterprise with simple frameworks, helpful toolkits and processes to create actionable roadmaps


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Fuel new revenues through proven organic new business activities and tactics and inorganic growth through business changing M&A activity  


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Create step change for your enterprise by leveraging a rigorous stage gate innovation process to quickly develop new products and services for incremental revenue growth

Business Reinvention

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Revitalise critical organisational capabilities, assets and functional expertise for enhanced performance and productivity that can fire the next iteration of company success

Branding & Marketing

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Capitalise upon our rich history of total corporate communications resets and refreshes to establish the optimal narrative and story your business deserves (and needs) for enduring results

Executive Counsel

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Take advantage of our broad and deep geographical, market and sector specific experience across public, private and private-equity enterprises to align and harmonise all key stakeholders


Are you ready to spark the next chapter of success for your business?  Services are tailored to the needs of the client and range from fixed cost, time limited assignments to flexible non-executive advisor support